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This template returns information stored in the call to Template:Current versions found at the top of the main Terraria Wiki page. It is currently set up to return a single value. {{v}} can be used as a shortcut for this template.

It has two modes: platform version information and Desktopversion Desktop equivalent of platform version.

Usage[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Unnamed parameter 1
Platform of which the version is to be returned. Can be one of the following or e (which enables second mode and requires a second unnamed parameter):
 | desktop
 | console
 | switch
 | oldgen
 | 3ds
 | ios
 | googleplay
 | amazon
 | windowsphone }}
Unnamed parameter 2
Platform of which the desktop equivalent is to be returned. Only has an effect if unnamed parameter 1 is e. Can be one of the following:
{{v | e
 | console
 | switch
 | oldgen
 | 3ds
 | mobile }}

Examples[Quelltext bearbeiten]

{{v|oldgen}} returns 1.09

{{v|e|oldgen}} returns