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Use this template to extract info from certain crafting recipe(s).

Verwendung[Quelltext bearbeiten]

This template is designed for extracting info from recipe(s) for "single result item"(however can be multiple recipes), so you need to use query constraint paramters (result, ingredient ...) to query "single" result. See {{recipes}} for details of all query constraint paramters.

If query result is more than one row, this template will only return first row for mode=station or mode=result, and all rows for mode=compact or mode=ingredients .

then, use following parameters for output format:

mode = compact/result/ingredients/station/ingredients-buy/ingredients-sell

Output mode. If not specified, it will be compact by default. See examples below. NOTE: for ingredients-buy/ingredients-sell, you should make sure there is only 1 result recipe and no alternative crafting ingredient in ingredients list. For ingredients-buy, you should make sure all ingredients are actually buyable.

sep or seperator

Separator between multiple ingredients lists. Only valid when mode=compact or mode=ingredients. Default is <br/>'''or'''<br/> for mode=compact or <br/>'''or'''<br/> for mode=ingredients. Note: single ingredients list will be wrapped in <div> when |mode=ingredients and in <span> when |mode=compact.

withresult and nostation and noversion

Only valid when mode=compact. By default, it will output as [version]: [ingredients]@[station], if withresult=y, will output as [result]=[ingredients]@[station], if nostation=y, there wil be no @[station], if nostation=y, there will be no [version]:.

showresultid=y and link=no

Only valid when mode=result. result item will show their internal item ID (if available), and/or have no link, respectively.

Beispiele[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Code Result
{{recipes/extract|result=Lunar Hook}} 6 Nebula-Fragment + 6 Sonnenfragment + 6 Sternenstaubfragment + 6 Vortex-Fragment @ Uralter Manipulator
{{recipes/extract|result=Lunar Hook|withresult=y}} 6 Nebula-Fragment + 6 Sonnenfragment + 6 Sternenstaubfragment + 6 Vortex-Fragment @ Uralter Manipulator = Mondhaken
{{recipes/extract|result=Lunar Hook|nostation=y}} 6 Nebula-Fragment + 6 Sonnenfragment + 6 Sternenstaubfragment + 6 Vortex-Fragment
{{recipes/extract|result=Lunar Hook|mode=result}} MondhakenMondhakenDesktopversionKonsolenversionMobilversion
{{recipes/extract|result=Lunar Hook|mode=ingredients}}
{{recipes/extract|result=Lunar Hook|mode=station}} Uralter ManipulatorUralter ManipulatorDesktopversionKonsolenversionMobilversion
{{recipes/extract|result=Campfire|sep=<br/>}} DesktopversionKonsolenversionMobilversion: 10 Beliebiges Holz + 5 Fackel
Old-gen-Konsolenversion3DS-Version: 20 Beliebiges Holz + 5 Fackel
{{recipes/extract|result=Lunar Hook|mode=ingredients-sell}} 48000
{{coin|{{coin|{{recipes/extract|result=Lunar Hook|mode=ingredients-sell}}}} 48000*4 Gold Coin.png 80 Silver Coin.png

Platforms exclusive:

Code Result
{{recipes/extract|result=Flaming Arrow|versions={{eversions|raw=y|}}|withresult=y}} DesktopversionKonsolenversionMobilversion: 10 Holzpfeil + Fackel = 10 Flammenpfeil
{{recipes/extract|result=Flaming Arrow|versions={{eversions|raw=y||invert=y}}|withresult=y}} Old-gen-Konsolenversion3DS-Version: 5 Holzpfeil + Fackel = 5 Flammenpfeil
{{recipes/extract|result=Flaming Arrow|versions={{eversions|raw=y||invert=y}}|withresult=y|noversion=y}} 5 Holzpfeil + Fackel = 5 Flammenpfeil

Multiple recipes: Note: single ingredients list will be wrapped in <div> when |mode=ingredients and in <span> when |mode=compact.

Code Result
{{recipes/extract|result=Sashimi}} Tunfisch @ Werkbank
Forelle @ Werkbank
Lachs @ Werkbank
Roter Schnapper @ Werkbank
{{recipes/extract|result=Sashimi|withresult=y}} Tunfisch @ Werkbank = Sashimi
Forelle @ Werkbank = Sashimi
Lachs @ Werkbank = Sashimi
Roter Schnapper @ Werkbank = Sashimi
{{recipes/extract|result=Sashimi|mode=result}} SashimiSashimi
{{recipes/extract|result=Sashimi|mode=station}} WerkbankWerkbank
{{recipes/extract|result=Sashimi|nostation=y|sep=&#32;/&#32;}} Tunfisch / Forelle / Lachs / Roter Schnapper
<table class="terraria lined"><tr><td rowspan="4" style="border:0">{{recipes/extract|result=Sashimi|mode=result}}</td>
Tunfisch @ Werkbank = Sashimi
Forelle @ Werkbank = Sashimi
Lachs @ Werkbank = Sashimi
Roter Schnapper @ Werkbank = Sashimi