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This template is used to display a weapon's best modifier.


{{ modifikation | <unnamed parameter 1> }}
unnamed parameter 1

melee / nah / nahkampf - Weapons that are swung overhead.

meleealt / nahalt / nahkampfalt - Weapons that cannot get size modifiers. Weapons that usually fit in this category are Yoyos, Flails, and Spears.

harvest / ernten - Melee "weapons" that are mainly used for harvesting tiles.

harvestalt / erntenalt - Weapons listed on Grabgeschwindigkeit where Legendary is equivalent to Light in speed boost.

ranged / fern / fernkampf - Most ranged weapons.

nokb / keinkb - Weapons with no knockback.

magic / magie - Most magic weapons.

magicnokb / magiekeinkb - Magic weapons with no knockback.

magiclow / magieniedrig - Magic weapons with a low base mana cost.

summon / beschwörung - Most summon weapons.

hammer - Weak, pre-Hardmode hammers with low damage and a consequent inability to receive high damage boosts.

none / keine - Any weapon which can’t be reforged.