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This template is used to dynamically display information about an armor or vanity set (as defined in the database). It supports differentiation between variable pieces (e.g. the different headpiece choices of the early Hardmode ore armor sets).


Apart from the first two unnamed parameters, all parameters are optional.

{{getSetInfo | <name of the set> | <stat> | head = <custom head piece(s)> | body = <custom body piece(s)> | legs = <custom legs piece(s)> | raw = y | note = n | rawdefense = y | item = n | start = <any wikitext in front of each variable piece> | end = <any wikitext behind each variable piece> | glue = <glue between {{item}} and value> | sep = <separator of the variable pieces> }}

First unnamed parameter

Set name.

Second unnamed parameter

Stat to query. Can be any of the following:

Parameter value Description
defense Sum of the defense of all set pieces.
buy / sell Sum of the buy price/sell value of all set pieces. Note that the template will always display buy prices, even if the set pieces cannot actually be bought.
rare Highest rarity of all of the set pieces.
setbonuslist Set bonus of the set. Will be a list of set bonuses if there are multiple (i.e. depending on the variable pieces).
head1 / head2 / head3 Armor ID of the respective piece (variable; non-variable pieces always use <slot>1) of the set. Use {{getArmorInfo}} to convert it to an item name.
body1 / body2
setbonus Set bonus of the set, but only for sets which do not have different set bonuses with different variable pieces. setbonuslist encompasses all sets, so it is safer to use that one.
setbonus_head1 / setbonus_head2 / setbonus_head3 Set bonus which is activated when that particular variable piece is equipped.
setbonus_body1 / setbonus_body2
setbonusdefense Defense provided by the set bonus
count Total number of sets. Important: The first unnamed parameter only accepts the values armor and vanity if count is used!
head / body / legs

Manually define the set pieces, overriding the database's values. Separate multiple (variable) pieces of a slot with commas. Only available if querying for defense, buy, or sell information. Please note that the variable piece differentiation functionality only works if no more than one slot contains variable pieces – either head, body, or legs.


Display the raw data to apply completely custom formatting to it. Causes all following parameters to have no effect.


Hide the "(set)" note that is appended to defense and buy/sell output by default.


Only available when querying for defense information. Sets with a defense increase as set bonus are displayed in a special format in order to convey that fact. Use this parameter to display only the raw base defense.


Hide the {{item}} that is used for identifying the different variable pieces as part of the differentiation functionality. Causes $glue to have no effect. Note that if this parameter is not set, each {{item}} will be preceded by an {{item/options|mode=image|nolink=y|icons=n|maxsize=20x16px}} (though it is issued before $start is parsed, so use that parameter to override these item options), and followed by an {{item/options|reset}}.


Custom wikitext in front of each variable piece's value (or the entire output, if there are no variable pieces).


Custom wikitext behind each variable piece's value (or the entire output, if there are no variable pieces).


Characters between the {{item}} and its value. Default: "&#8239;&#58;&nbsp;" (narrow no-break space, colon, non-breaking space: " : ")


Characters between each variable piece. Has no effect when there are no variable pieces. Default: " / "



Code Result
{{getSetInfo|Molten armor|defense}} 25 (Set)
{{getSetInfo|Molten armor|defense|note=n}} 25
{{getSetInfo|Familiar set|sell}} 6000*60 (Set)
{{getSetInfo|Molten armor|setbonuslist}} 10% extra melee damage,
Cannot be set on fire
{{getSetInfo|Wood armor|defense}} 3 (2+1) (Set)
{{getSetInfo|Wood armor|defense|rawdefense=y}} 2 (Set)
{{getSetInfo|Wood armor|setbonusdefense}} 1
{{getArmorInfo|head|{{getSetInfo|Wood armor|head1}}|name}},
{{getArmorInfo|body|{{getSetInfo|Wood armor|body1}}|name}},
{{getArmorInfo|legs|{{getSetInfo|Wood armor|legs1}}|name}}
Wood Helmet,
Wood Breastplate,
Wood Greaves

Sets with variable pieces

Code Result
{{getSetInfo|Adamantite armor|defense}} Adamantit-Kopfschutz : 32 / Adamantit-Helm : 50 / Adamantit-Maske : 36 (Set)
{{getSetInfo|Beetle armor|defense}} Käferschuppenpanzer : 61 / Käferpanzer : 73 (Set)
{{getArmorInfo|head|{{getSetInfo|Adamantite armor|head1}}|name}},
{{getArmorInfo|head|{{getSetInfo|Adamantite armor|head2}}|name}},
{{getArmorInfo|head|{{getSetInfo|Adamantite armor|head3}}|name}},
{{getArmorInfo|body|{{getSetInfo|Adamantite armor|body1}}|name}},
{{getArmorInfo|legs|{{getSetInfo|Adamantite armor|legs1}}|name}}
Adamantite Headgear,
Adamantite Helmet,
Adamantite Mask,
Adamantite Breastplate,
Adamantite Leggings
{{getSetInfo|Adamantite armor|defense|note=n|glue=&#8239;|end=&#32;{{note|(set)}}}} Adamantit-Kopfschutz 32 (set) / Adamantit-Helm 50 (set) / Adamantit-Maske 36 (set)
{{getSetInfo|Adamantite armor|setbonuslist}} Adamantit-Kopfschutz : Um 19% reduzierte Mananutzung / Adamantit-Helm : 20% increased melee and movement speed / Adamantit-Maske : 25% Chance, keine Munition zu verbrauchen
<table style="background:transparent;">{{getSetInfo|Adamantite armor|setbonuslist|start=<tr><td><ul style{{=}}"margin-top:0;"><li>|glue=</li></ul></td><td>|end=</td></tr>|sep=}}</table>
  • Adamantit-Kopfschutz
Um 19% reduzierte Mananutzung
  • Adamantit-Helm
20% increased melee and movement speed
  • Adamantit-Maske
25% Chance, keine Munition zu verbrauchen
{{getSetInfo|Beetle armor|setbonuslist|start=<nowiki/>
  • Käferschuppenpanzer : Käfer erhöhen deinen Nahkampfschaden und -geschwindigkeit
  • Käferpanzer : Käfer beschützen dich vor Schaden
* {{getSetInfo|Beetle armor|setbonus_body1}}
* {{getSetInfo|Beetle armor|setbonus_body2}}
  • Käfer erhöhen deinen Nahkampfschaden und -geschwindigkeit
  • Käfer beschützen dich vor Schaden

{{getSetInfo|Adamantite armor|defense

<before><$start>Adamantit-Kopfschutz<$glue>32<$end><$sep><$start>Adamantit-Helm<$glue>50<$end><$sep><$start>Adamantit-Maske<$glue>36<$end> (Set)<after>

{{getSetInfo|Adamantite armor|defense

Lorem(Adamantit-Kopfschutz-32)__(Adamantit-Helm-50)__(Adamantit-Maske-36) (Set)ipsum

Custom set pieces

Code Result
{{getSetInfo||head=Magic Hat|body=Gypsy Robe|defense}} 4 (Set)
{{getSetInfo||head=Magic Hat|body=Diamond Robe|sell}} 36000*360 (Set)
{{getSetInfo||head=Wizard Hat|body=Diamond Robe|sell|note=n}} {{note|(set with Wizard Hat)}} 32000*320 (set with Wizard Hat)
{{getSetInfo||head=Wizard Hat|body=Gypsy Robe, Amethyst Robe, Topaz Robe, Sapphire Robe, Emerald Robe, Ruby Robe, Diamond Robe|defense|note=n}} {{note|(set with Wizard Hat)}} Zigeunerrobe : 6 / Amethystrobe : 4 / Topasrobe : 5 / Saphirrobe : 5 / Smaragdrobe : 6 / Rubinrobe : 6 / Diamantrobe : 7 (set with Wizard Hat)
{{getSetInfo||head=Wood Helmet|body=Vortex Breastplate|rare}} 10*Seltenheitsstufe: 10