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{{ box |Text }}

Text (required)

text to display.

Optional formatting
inline = "y/yes/j/ja", outputs box as <span> element. Outputs box as <div> element by default
Optional named parameters (the values of which are all css style)
top, right, bottom, left = margin settings; defaults are 0em,auto,1em,auto (respectively)
boxwidth = width of the box
radius = border radius; default is no radius
color = border color; default is #6699CC
borderwidth = width of the border line; default is 2px
borderstyle = style of border line; default is solid
background = background color; default is clear
padding, paddingtop, paddingleft = padding between border and text; default is 4px
textalign = alignment of text; default is center
contentwidth = width of the text displayed
lineheight = height of each line of text; default is about 1.5


{{box|contentwidth=50px|boxwidth=200px|borderwidth=4px|paddingtop=0px|lineheight=1.2|radius=9px|color=hsl(0, 60%, 50%)|Hello World}}

Hello World