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An all-in-one template for display 3DS version link/text.

When a simple icon isn't enough, used to mark content as '3DS Only' within a sentence or paragraph. (use Template:Exclusive to mark 3DS exclusive pages or sections)

The "short" parameter value can be used to display "3DS" rather than "3DS version". (note that is different from {{icon|3ds}})


{{3DS version|MODE|nl/nolink=y|short=y|glue= |t=display text}}

NOTE: When there is icon in output, this template will add a hidden 3DS text after it. So this template can used in heading safely. for example =={{3DS version}}== will display "3DS version" in TOC.

unnamed parameter 1

Output mode, can be icon/text/short:

  • icon: output icon only.
  • text: output text only.
  • short: output icon and short text. Note: This is different from {{3DS version|icon}}, since there is a hidden 3DS more, so it can be used in heading.

Only output icon and/or text, don't make them be links.


Output short text. {{3DS version|short=y}} has the same effect as {{3DS version|short}}

t=display text

Customize text. Will override short=y, have no effect when mode=icon. NOTE: This will disabled the hidden 3DS output.


Customize the glue text between icon and text. default is  

size, width, height, scale, small

Customize icon display, see {{icon}} for detail.


code output note
{{3DS version}} 3DS-Version3DS-Version With a hidden "3DS" after icon.
{{3DS version|icon}} 3DS-Version Without a hidden "3DS" after icon, same as {{icon|3ds}}
{{3DS version|text}} 3DS-Version No hidden text.
{{3DS version|short}} 3DS-Version3DS With a hidden "3DS" after icon.
{{3DS version|text|short=y}} 3DS
{{3DS version|short=y}} 3DS-Version3DS same as {{3DS version|short}}
{{3DS version|t=sometext}} 3DS-Version sometext customize display text
{{3DS version|nl=y}} 3DS-Version3DS-Version No link, With a hidden "3DS" after icon.
{{3DS version|text|nl=y}} 3DS-Version No link, no hidden text.
{{3DS version|short|nl=y}} 3DS-Version3DS No link, with a hidden "3DS" after icon.
{{3DS version|glue=-}} 3DS-Version-3DS-Version With a hidden "3DS" after glue.
{{3DS version|scale=2}} 3DS-Version3DS-Version see {{icon}}
{{3DS version|icon|small=y}} 3DS-Version see {{icon}}