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This module is used to dynamically and reliably obtain an item's stats. It takes its data directly from the source code, facilitating display of stats without having to change them in case of updates.

It provides the functionality for {{iteminfo}}. Usually, that template should be called in articles instead of this module. It features additional utilities like output formatting and parameter aliases.

The module's code is currently synchronized with version, Konsolen- und Mobilversion of Terraria.

Usage[Quelltext bearbeiten]

All stats[Quelltext bearbeiten]

{{#invoke:iteminfo|getInfo| id = <itemid> | prefix = <prefix for output varnames> }}


{{#invoke:iteminfo|getInfo| <itemid> | <prefix for output varnames> }}


Item ID, can be 1 through 5087. Please note that the following IDs are deprecated and thus invalid: 2772 through 2775, 2777 through 2780, 2782 through 2785, 2881, 3273, 3340 through 3346, 3462 through 3465, 3750, 3847 through 3851, 3861, and 3862.

prefix (optional)

The prefix for the output variable, default is _iteminfo_. For example, the default variable name for value is _iteminfo_value. If you used prefix=my_, the variable name would be my_value. When you use this method, the module sets a number of DPL variables which you can then retrieve by using {{#dplvar:_iteminfo_value}}, for instance. This method is used in favor of Lua scripts due to DPL's better speed.

Single stat[Quelltext bearbeiten]

{{#invoke:iteminfo|getStat| id = <itemid> | stat = <statname> }}


{{#invoke:iteminfo|getStat| <itemid> | <statname> }}


Item ID, can be 1 through 5087. Please note that the following IDs are deprecated and thus invalid: 2772 through 2775, 2777 through 2780, 2782 through 2785, 2881, 3273, 3340 through 3346, 3462 through 3465, 3750, 3847 through 3851, 3861, and 3862.

stat (optional)

Stat name, see the table below for possible values.

If you are not sure if the ID you specified is valid, please check {{#dplvar:_iteminfo_type}}. It will be the ID if it is valid, and blank if the ID is invalid.

All return fields are listed below. Please note that not all of them are used – see note info of each row. And please also refer to these tModLoader and tConfig documentations.

Note: You can get the item name from the Item ID by using {{ItemNameFromId}}.

(without prefix)
Default Value Example
(here: ID = 757)
type 0 757 Item ID. If the ID specified as argument is valid, this value will be that number. Else, this value will be blank.
internalName TerraBlade Internal name of the item.
name Terra Blade Name of the item.
DD2Summon If set, it means this item is an item related to the Armee des Alten, and the buy price will be calculated using Defender Medals instead of Gold Coins. 1 Verteidigermedaille = Goldmünze.
ToolTip Currently always empty. Reserved for the future. You can use {{itemTooltip}} to retrieve tooltips.
material 1 Currently always empty. Reserved for the future. You can use {{#invoke:Recipes|exist|ingredient=[itemname]}} to retrieve this info.
accessory If set, this is an accessory item.
ammo 0 0 AmmoID (used in field useAmmo) not only, e.g. 353, 154
autoReuse 1 If set, this item is capable of autoswing.
axe 0 0 Axe Power. 1 ≙ 5%, e.g. axe = 23 means Axe Power of this item is 115%.
bait 0 0 Bait power (in percent), e.g. bait = 50 means bait power of this item is 50%.
buffTime 0 0 Time the buff this item grants will be in effect in ticks (1 tick = 1/60 second and 1/3600 minute). For example, if buffTime = 14400, it means that the buff will be in effect for 240 seconds (14400/60 = 240) which is equal to 4 minutes (14400/3600 = 4).
buffType 0 0 Buff ID of the buff this item grants.
cartTrack Is set for Minecart Tracks.
channel If set, means that the item can/needs to be used continuously ("channeling cast", different from autoswing, though!) Is set for Flails and Yoyos, Chainsaws and Drills, Magic Missile and its upgrades, Dirt Rod, Piranha Gun, Chlorophyte Jackhammer, Laser Machinegun, Charged Blaster Cannon, Flying Knife, Medusa Head, Arkhalis, Portal Gun, Vortex Beater, Phantasm, The Grand Design, Last Prism, Sleepy Octopod, Ghastly Glaive, Phantom Phoenix, Sky Dragon's Fury. Is also set for certain Pet/Light Pet/Mount summoning items, since they will continuously be in effect.
consumable Is set for items that are consumables (which means all items in Category:Consumable items). Note that this is distinct from the ingame concept "Consumable"! See Category:Consumable items for clarification. If this attribute is set to True, then one item from the stack is removed each time the item is used.
createTile -1 -1 Tile ID of the tile this item produces when placed.placeStyle is that tile's sub ID.
placeStyle 0 0
createWall -1 -1 Wall ID of the wall this item produces when placed.
crit 0 0 Critical strike chance (in percent) that is added to the base 4%, e.g. crit = 2 means crit chance of this item is 6%; crit = 4 means crit chance of this item is 8%.
damage -1 115 Base damage of the item.
defense 0 0 Defense this item grants.
dye 0 0 If non-zero, this is a dye item.
expert If set, this item will be displayed as Rainbow rarity.
fishingPole 0 0 Fishing Power of the item (in percent), e.g. fishingPole = 27 means Fishing Power of this item is 27%.
flame Set for each kind of Torch and for Water, Peace, Platinum, and regular Candle. Interestingly, it is also set for Brand of the Inferno.
hairDye -1 -1 0 for Hair Dye Remover and positive number for other Hair Dyes.
hammer 0 0 Hammer power (in percent), e.g. hammer = 90 means hammer power of this item is 90%.
healLife 0 0 Amount of Health Points this item restores when used.
healMana 0 0 Amount of Mana this item restores when used.
holdStyle 0 0 Can only be a value between 0 and 3. Is set to 1 for each kind of Torch and Water, Peace, Platinum, and regular Candle, Sticky, Bouncy, Spelunker and regular Glowstick, Ale, Unicorn on a Stick, Flare Gun, Marshmallow on a Stick, Nebula Arcanum. Is set to 2 for Breathing Reed, Umbrella. Is set to 3 for Magical Harp.
knockBack 0 6.5 Knockback value of the item.
lifeRegen 0 0 Can only be 0 or 1. Is set to 1 for Band of Regeneration and Charm of Myths.
makeNPC 0 0 If non-zero, will spawn NPC when used. The value is the NPC ID of the spawned NPC.
mana 0 0 Amount of Mana this item consumes upon use.
maxStack 1 1 Maximum stack limit.
mech If set, this is a mechanism item, which means that it shows wire and Actuators when held.
melee 1 If set, this item deals melee damage.
magic If set, this item deals magic damage.
ranged If set, this item deals ranged damage.
summon If set, this item deals summon damage.
thrown If set, this item deals thrown damage.
mountType -1 -1 Mount ID of the mount this item summons when used.
noMelee Whether this item is allowed to deal damage with its sprite. Typically set to true for a ranged weapon, which would rely on its projectiles to deal damage, instead.
noUseGraphic Whether this item's sprite is drawn while it is in use. Thrown weapons like Dynamite uses this, because it is immediately tossed to the ground to create the illusion of being used.
noWet If set, the item cannot be held/placed underwater: Unicorn on a Stick, every kind of Candle and every kind of Torch (without Cursed and Ichor Torch). However, is also set for Timers which can be placed underwater.
notAmmo Is only set for Coins, Ale, Wire. Aside from Wire, these share the trait of not being able to be put in the ammo slot of the inventory, even though there are used as ammunition. Wire can be placed in that slot, though.
paint 0 0 If not 0, it means the item is Paint. The value is some sort of internal "Paint ID", ranging from 1 (Red Paint) to 30 (Negative Paint).
pick 0 0 Pickaxe power (in percent), e.g. pick = 150 means pickaxe power of the item is 150%.
potion If set, no other items with this attribute may be used until the cooldown elapses. This applies to healing items and Mushrooms.
rare 0 8 Rarity of the item. Not valid if expert is set, as that makes the item have the 12*Seltenheitsstufe: Regenbogen rarity.
reuseDelay 0 0 The time in ticks (1 tick = 1/60 second and 1/3600 minute) before this item may be used again, commonly called "Use Delay". Currently only set for Clockwork Assault Rifle, Medusa Head, Last Prism, Sky Fracture, and Betsy's Wrath.
sentry If set, this item is a sentry summon item.
shoot 0 132 If non-zero, this is the Projectile ID of the projectile fired by the item.
shootSpeed 0 12 Velocity of the projectile fired by the item.
stringColor The color type of Strings, only for String items.
tileBoost 0 0 Range bonus, e.g. tileBoost = 4 means range of this item is increased by 4. Also stated in the tooltip of the item as e.g. "+4 range".
tileWand -1 -1 Item ID of the block this Block-placing wand places.
questItem Is only set for Quest Fish.
uniqueStack Is only set for Quest Fish. See Fishing#Fishing Quests for details regarding the special quality of these items.
useAmmo 0 0 Type of ammunition this item uses. 23 for Gel, 40 for Arrow, 71 for Coin, 75 for FallenStar, 97 for Bullet, 169 for Sand, 283 for Dart, 771 for Rocket, 780 for Solution, 931 for Flare, 949 for Snowball, 1261 for Stynger Bolt, 1783 for Candy Corn, 1785 for Jack 'O Lantern, 1836 for Stake, 3108 for Nail.
useAnimation 100 14 How long it takes the animation to play for the item, in ticks (1 tick = 1/60 second and 1/3600 minute). An interesting quirk is that if the useTime is lower than the useAnimation, it will be activated one or more times per use (e.g. Golden Shower). If the item is an auto-swinging sword, use time of the item (that is displayed in the game and on the wiki) is useAnimation-1.
useStyle 0 1 1 = General Swinging/Throwing, 2 = Eating/Using , 3 = Stabbing, 4 = Holding up, 5 = Holding Out. Also see this tConfig list.
useTime 100 14 Tool speed for tools, (internal) use time for others. How long it takes to use the item, in frames. While the item is in use, you cannot take other actions.
useTurn Whether the player will turn to face the direction the player is moving when the item is used. For example, a sword would make you face left or right, but a spear would not. Set this to useTurn = false prevents the player from switching directions while swinging a weapon.
value 0 1000000 Buy value, in Copper Coins. Sell value = buy value / 5. If DD2Summon = 1, it will be converted according to the formula of 1 Verteidigermedaille = Goldmünze. Template:Coin helps formatting this value in order to display it properly.
vanity If set, this item is a vanity item.