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Template tweaks[Quelltext bearbeiten]

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In {{Crafts row}}, the English ingredient name is listed first (| Copper Bar | Kupferbarren | 12).
Would it make more sense to list the German name first? (| Kupferbarren | Copper Bar | 12)
I can change the template if you like.

In {{Item infobox}}, would you rather have Erwerben and Verkaufen on 2 separate lines? I can edit that template to always do that.

Ferretwings (Diskussion) 19:17, 23. Jul. 2018 (UTC)

First of all, thank you for helping out! It is still rather lonely here, haha! (I am just going to answer here as well, for the record :D) Well, generally, yes, German names should appear before the English ones, but changing that now would mean swapping the parameters on every page that uses them... If you know how to swap the two parameters automatically, or ... fast in some way, then that would be great! And about the Erwerben/Verkaufen layout... Actually it does look better in two lines by default, yes. It would be kind of you to change that! Thanks again! --Rye greenwood (Diskussion) 19:36, 23. Jul. 2018 (UTC)

Small typo[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hello! I would like to mention here, because I do not know how to fix this, that on the following page the word "Knochenschlangenbanner" is misspelled a few times. On the page, it is instead spelled "Kochenschlangenbanner." I would fix this myself, but I couldn't figure it out hehe. Just a small typo, hope you don't mind. Thank you! Take care! PuzzledKino (Diskussion) 19:50, 12. Okt. 2019 (UTC)

Hey! Thank you for helping out, I don't mind that at all! Unfortunately, "Kochenschlangenbanner" is how it is spelled in-game, hence I am a bit hesitant to change it. The English wiki does not fix typos either, e.g. on the Daybroken page ("Incenerated by solar rays", as in-game, instead of "Incinerated by solar rays", which would be correct). Once a Banners page is created here, we can create a redirect for the correct term, of course.
Regarding the technical side and how to change things: Large parts of the {{npc infobox}} and {{item infobox}} templates are automated, i.e. in this example, the infobox determines the banner of the enemy by retrieving the NPC ID of the enemy using {{npcinfo}} with the page name ("39"), running that through the NPC ID → banner item ID database ("1627"), turning that into a name with the item ID → name database ("Bone Serpent Banner"), and asking Module:Tr/db for the German translation ("Kochenschlangenbanner"). Therefore, the only way to modify the output is in the last step – altering the translation. The translation database Module:Tr/db is generated from the source code, but it can be overridden by editing Module:Tr/db-custom.
I hope this helps. If it does not or if you disagree with me about sticking to the in-game word, please let me know! And again, thanks for helping! --Rye Greenwood (Diskussion) 01:16, 13. Okt. 2019 (UTC)
Oh! Thank you! I should have foreseen something along those lines. I believe the French wiki, where I have been more active, came to the same conclusion. I definitely agree that yours/theirs is the most practical decision.
I also greatly appreciate your insight on the technical side; it's my weakness! You have been very helpful.
It's nice to help out here. You're all very kind. Thanks again! PuzzledKino (Diskussion) 02:07, 13. Okt. 2019 (UTC)

Sternebewertung[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hallo Rye Greenwood, ich habe ein paar Verbesserungen bei Artikeln gemacht, welche niedrige Sternebewertungen hatten. Dazu zählt der Maxihai und die Muskete. Auch bei anderen Artikeln die ich erstellt habe, wie dem Leichenbestatter, dem Minihai, dem Flammenwerfer und dem Elfenschmelzer hast du noch keine Bewertungen hinzugefügt. Könntest du das vielleicht bitte machen, damit ich weiß, wo ich noch etwas verbessern kann? Vielen Dank

Mischboxx (Diskussion) 13:34, 26. Mai 2020 (UTC)MischBoxx

Natürlich, wird erledigt! Entschuldigung für die lange Funkstille, ich habe deine Nachricht völlig übersehen. Danke für deine Mithilfe! --Rye Greenwood (Diskussion) 16:35, 9. Aug. 2020 (UTC)

art-en[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hey Rye, my goal just now was to add the art-en for Werkbänke (Work Benches), but I must have done something wrong with the translation document. Perhaps I added Werkbänke to the wrong database? In any case, could you point me toward the right page for these additions? Thanks! PuzzledKino (Diskussion) 13:53, 9. Aug. 2020 (UTC)

Hey; you did everything correctly. Only the last step was missing, updating the "real" translation module, Module:Tr/db. This module is where {{tr}} takes its data from, Tr/db-custom is merely an aid for managing custom additions (e.g., it facilitates that an EN→DE entry is automatically added the other way round, DE→EN, as well) and it ensures they don't interfere with the strings from the source code. So yeah, for applying custom additions, Module:Tr/db needs to be updated with the code generated by Template:Tr/luadata. That template page displays the newest version (once it has been purged – "Aktualisieren" in the "Mehr" dropdown) and the text can simply be copied and pasted in Module:Tr/db. The system is quite similar to how Module:Exclusive/data is updated on the EN wiki. I have done that now. Sorry for the inconvenience! --Rye Greenwood (Diskussion) 16:35, 9. Aug. 2020 (UTC)
Thanks Rye! I'm pretty sure I understand it now. I don't pretend to be good at coding (far from it ahaha), but I double check everything I do to try and identify (and then share) any mistakes I make. Thanks for watching over my edits and kindly helping whenever I need a hand :] PuzzledKino (Diskussion) 19:57, 9. Aug. 2020 (UTC)